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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Seems To Draw Interesting Remarks.

Because that's just stupid. At launch, only some sections let you view the top paid/free views; we assume all sections will gain this view as the Windows Store fills out with more apps. I hope you're just saying this to try to feel some sense of superiority over someone who actually has a job on a real tech site, and not because you actually And if someone sends me a message and I'm in metro, will I be notified? check over here

Submit Thank You Invalid Email Follow UsOn Twitter 12 hours This isn’t something like credit card theft. I may not be typical, but I just don't do any of those things on my desktop. Still hate Metro, in particular now because you can't drag the background to scroll, as you can on Android. When 7 was released, Vista got a Platform Update that added support for DX11, some WDDM 1.1 features, and a few other things: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971644Windows 7 is still in its mainstream support

Swiping left reveals apps organized by type, with the usual app store mix of everything from games and social to productivity and shopping. Skip to: Latest News. Nov 7, 2012 I can't find Wordpad anywhere on this OS . Windows 8 will most likely appeal to a lot of the casual users.

When I went to test some out at Best Buy, because I wanted to play with the computer to see if I liked it, I saw a discontinued HP laptop on Test an AMD system JUST FOR FUN..... One big thing I haven't figured out how to do yet is how to uninstall a Metro app. SO MANY THINGS.1) Anand doesn't write every article on the site.

Microsoft promised us this, and it seems that the promise has been delivered. However it was always easier just to type the notes in, so it was used as a normal laptop 99% of the time. Indeed, this is not a shiny, finished, bug-free product, but it’s almost there. Instead of having a nice list of common programs, a unified search/cmd field, and the ability to browse and organize your programs, you're flung into a different UI, which is less

It's an area that Microsoft seems to put effort into improving, and that trend continues with Windows 8. In 1992, Microsoft released Microsoft Windows for Pen Computing, which had an API that developers could use to create pen-enabled applications. I'm trying very hard to engage you in a rational conversation, so try to extend the same courtesy to me. I know I must be joking with the last one about VIA.

I'm glad you found the review useful. The benchmark is run at 1920x1080 screen resolution with DirectX 11 enabled. Reply dagamer34 - Friday, March 09, 2012 - link How often do you turn off a device instead of putting it to sleep? Yes, Apples IPAD is the reason for sparking the tablet market to what it is today, but tablet PC's have been used in health care and education industries for more than

Video Review Windows Store Another big feature of Windows 8 Consumer Preview is Microsoft's Windows Store. check my blog The Windows Store was not live during our demo, so the apps we were able to check out were limited to the ones that came loaded with the OS. How do you tell when Steam sends you messages in Windows 7 - do you rely on sound cues? The Messaging application shows no signs of rumored SMS integration but it does provide a simple way to message Facebook and Windows Live Messenger contacts.

The simplification throughout its app strategy, and Microsoft’s message to developers is fresh, and the Metro approach across three screens (Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows) is starting to become a reality rather I agree that a lot of people use AMD - it's all I buy for friends and family as the Microcenter deals are too hard to pass up. Some of you have already shared first reactions in comments, which I bring here to whet other readers' interest in contributing, too. "This preview release is awesome", alshawwa comments. this content Pedro Innecco: So far I don't like it. :( I find the Metro applications clumsy.

I know AMD dropped support for their DirectX 9 based cards before their 10.2 (Feb 2010 driver set), and then later belatedly added 10.2 as the last supported driver. The C drive is a 128gb SSD, which has Windows installed to it. The consumer preview of Windows 8 includes a bounty of keyboard shortcuts, proving that Microsoft has vision beyond newfangled touch navigation.‬ ‪ To switch from app to app, you click the

Fast and versatile, with the very nice writing-instantly-invokes-search feature.

It’s been re-engineered and reskinned so heavily, you’ll pretty much forget you’re using IE. ‪ The on-screen Metro keyboard is available in a few different iterations depending on how you're using On the metro side….the apps are still too incomplete, only one I use is the mail one and it needs more funtionality, the design looks nice and it has future, but Reply freedom4556 - Friday, March 09, 2012 - link "but Tiles 1 has no *redacted* business existing on desktop PC's."I would say that this is true for enterprise environments. View 3 AnswersView Related Installation :: Install RTM Build Over Preview Build Sep 27, 2016 If I get an .iso of Windows 10 RTM (14393) I can install over the Preview

Having used the touch-based Metro interface on a number of Windows Phones, we thought navigating the tile-based UI with a mouse would be awkward. Reply inighthawki - Friday, March 09, 2012 - link HD 4000 is referring to the intel integrated graphics on the new ivy bridge chips - nothing to do with AMD chips Reply jabber - Friday, March 09, 2012 - link To be honest with Windows 8 the lack of AMD coverage is the least of everyones worries really. http://chatlax.net/windows-8/windows-8-consumer-preview-v-8250.html This is true both of independently owned websites like AnandTech, corporate-owned sites like IGN, or even big-time traditional publications like the New York Times.

I guess not, but since until now my Revodrive 3 X2 gave me problems with the Win8 D.P. Video transcode time Transcoding video test file from DVD to MP4 format using Handbrake. Come on. I was a little apprehensive at first with buying the AMD CPU, but a few days of use allayed my fears.If you say Intel makes better laptop CPU's, you haven't used

The Windows Metro Start Screen has no tolerance (or even opportunity) for randomly strewn document and application icons. With that said, you can create an auto-login process, using your Microsoft account, so you can bypass the requirement to manually type a password.