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Will There Be A Windows 8.1 Final Release ISO Download?


That feature is no different, and is something I use often, as opposed to Go -> Applications -> Look for app, double click app. Softlay We are getting reports like this from some people. RATBURL Still don't understand why people don't like W8,well I guess I do but I like it better than 7, it's faster cleaner looking and I don't get what the hell However, when it came time to enter the original Windows 8 key in order to reactivate Windows, it would not work with the laptop that had been purchased with Windows 8 Check This Out

blu I downloaded iseepassword for itunes with no success in cracking the password. Should not take more than 1 hour on that speed. Usability Live tiles can now be resized to smaller size. New extra large size for desktop tile. Ask users who use their pc for business purposes what they say about that ugly metro style.

Windows 8.1 Download Free Full Version 64 Bit

Cause it takes so much room to save a 20 digit CD key and a single CD. This is a professional subscription program available for purchase by anyone, but designed for software developers. Yes, affordable. Pay them to train them for this simple thing?

I've never had it crash on me, and it runs everything faster than Win7 did. Danmansonman What is it that businesses specifically need that 8 can't give them? Xplorer4x4 So you account for the majority of people right? Download Windows 8.1 Free It will then display a final step in which it displays the product key you previously provided (the Windows 8 one).

So it is not recommended for production use. OK, you've got your ISO file. I am confused by your logic. Make sure it is unmodified original ISO image.

muhammad saleem nisaar well don Mr.Aamir Rizwan Pnelego The key for the preview will not work anymore naveen key is not working for me Zubi You can use this Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 Pro Download Aamir Rizwan Read this: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/why-can-t-find-update-store David Hi, I have a windows 8 laptop and I have gone through the procedure and have a screen with windows 8.1 uploading. Tim You don't need me to hold your hand while you do a Google search, do you? All times are GMT -5.

Windows 8.1 Pro Iso

I know exactly how the process works. See, that's the great thing about building your own computers, you aren't forced to use whatever OS the OEM uses. Windows 8.1 Download Free Full Version 64 Bit But the fact remains is that the old start menu was a slow piece of crap way to run apps. Windows 8.1 Download Iso The ones that are running W8 are 90% of the time laptops that were purchased "in an emergency" at BestBuy or some other retail store because they needed something ASAP.

I have upgraded my win 8 to 8.1. http://chatlax.net/windows-8/windows-8-release-preview-legacy-drivers.html Although it is written for Windows 8  it works equally well for Windows 8.1. You expect people to suddenly embrace it's removal? My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ... Windows 8.1 Download Iso 64 Bit With Crack

Connect With Us Tech Anger Follow @techanger on twitter Recent Posts Create and Add subtitles to Videos EasilyOften understanding the audio of a video in a language other …How to Hide Free direct link by Softlay. Nikavalanche Use Iobit Startmenu8 its free + customizable. http://chatlax.net/windows-8/win8-pre-release.html Still want to grab that Windows 8.1 ISO with your Windows product key?

You can install Windows 8.1 following this very simple article. Windows 8 Download Free Full Version 32 Bit When you finally get a desktop you can check the system window, it will tell you Windows is activated. Related Threads Why is Microsoft keeping final Windows 8.1 release secret?

Amby hanks for the links Amby thanks dheeraj kumar hello sir , i dont have genuine windows 7 on my pc but i have a genuine key for windows 8 pro

No one complains, work gets done fast, no one has issues using 8 and the computers cold boot in 6-8 seconds. If the Start menu was so slow, why didn't you replace it by now? And that is the key I tried to then provide at the end of the setup process, but which failed. Windows 8 Download Free Full Version 64 Bit Please check it and try again".

I never said I dislike reenabling them. If you can't wait 40 seconds, you should probably just leave it on. *EDITx2: My Girlfriends laptop with windows 8 takes longer to boot than said XP machine. Because they aren't going to develop only for an API which has a much, much more limited marketshare. http://chatlax.net/windows-8/windows-8-developers-release-date.html Error code is 0xC1 Aamir Rizwan Are you running the setup while running existing Windows?

Since when in CMD did you just type ‘word' and press enter and it runs without navigating to the directory or having a link? As posted elsewhere on this site, having multiple PC's is still inconvenient in terms of being unable to use a single 8.1 distribution for multiple PCs. Oh wow, you have to pay for Start8. By the time windows 9 or 8.7 or somewhere along there comes out they will have figured out the things that people hated the most and fixed them, people will skip

Maybe the Start menu is slower for YOU. Choose Install by creating media and then click Next. What a chintzy way for a company to do business, requiring that you keep your previous version OS! The entire point of a GUI is to avoid having to type commands.

Do that several times in a row multiple times throughout the day and you soon appreciate pinning, whether it's pinning to the old start menu, quicklaunch, taskbar or Windows 8 Start. As someone who's been using Windows since 3.1, it's a pain in the ass. I went to it from the documents folder under My Computer. You want to talk about "not hiring" someone?

They still have the desktop, multi-tasking, cascading windows, administrative controls, software compatibility, file management, a choice of browser. Have you actually tried it? Danmansonman Anyone can run applications faster with 8 Start faster that you ever will with the old start menu, children, elderly, wives…you're defending something that will no longer be without 3rd Yo Yo Babin Deadman can i have a direct download link for Windows 8.1 Pro… rather than downloading it from STORE or via Windows 8.1 INSTALLER…??

And with Windows XP being limited to DirectX9, that's the one they aim for. But it inexplicably does not allow you to download the Windows 8.1 ISO—via Windows 8.1 Setup—with a Windows 8 product key. You are arguing the difference of ONE click is that big of a deal. "Navigating." See, I have a feeling you had to open the Start menu and search for what Show some benchmarks, or you're talking crap.