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Why Would I Want Windows 8


Now my PC is very fast and enjoyable! 0 1 year ago Reply Silent Night My PC on Windows 10 boots up faster now than it did on 8.1. 5-7 seconds Next Prev See larger image No OneDrive placeholders Windows 8.1 offered a handy feature for hardcore OneDrive users: placeholders. Also, adding the codecs to play DVDs adds extra cost to licensing. While the Settings app brings an easy way to manage your settings in Windows 10, the feature is not complete. have a peek here

The tool only checks your core PC reliably. It’s much more intuitive and simply makes using a mouse/trackpad and keyboard much easier.If you mainly use the desktop in Windows then Windows 10 will make you much happier.Related: Windows 10 I did not click anything or was warned. So far we have been very happy with Win10.

Advantages Of Windows 8 Operating System

The French are formally looking at Win10’s wayward ways. And the menu and apps buttons on the Start screen can be a little confusing for some users. 14. Will have to try adding other emails to Edge Mail - besides the Gmail account - to see how this goes.

Overall, Windows 10 works very well and seems stable to run on your primary device. Splitting apps into two desktop environments - modern and classic - gave the whole OS a schizophrenic persona and one that was totally unnecessary as so few decent Modern apps were After all, people hated XP when it came out, too. Should I Upgrade To Windows 10 From 7 Granted, we now have the wushowhide tool to block specific patches, but it doesn’t give you control over updating your machine.

To access these features, you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and purchase the Windows 8 Media Center Pack from within the Add Features to Windows 8 window mentioned above.  Windows 8 Or 10 For Gaming Windows Media/DVD...GOOD! If you're thinking of getting in on all the new…Read more Read more Sincerely, LifehackerAdvertisementAdvertisementTitle image illustrated by Dominick Rabrun. Then I immediately upgraded to Win10 and all my problems were gone.

Next Prev See larger image Privacy concerns That segues nicely into another controversial Windows 10 “feature.” Microsoft’s new operating system tracks you far more closely than previous versions of Windows, especially Should I Upgrade To Windows 10 From Windows 8 The march to forced updates continues I’ve been complaining about Windows 10’s forced updates for a year and a half, and the situation’s only gotten worse. It seems inefficient to go to a full screen interface just to launch an app, especially if you could do the same thing from a small menu on the desktop.Why It Fortunately, all of the offenders can be disabled.

Windows 8 Or 10 For Gaming

If any of these idjiots were on those two teams and on th team saying windows Vista (lispa) was ready, sue these people  in a court of law for incompetence. 0 Plus, I lost Spider Solitaire and Free Cell. Advantages Of Windows 8 Operating System My Fiancee laptop is still in the...what I call...the upgraded state. Windows 8.1 Vs Windows 10 Performance The Pros and Cons of Building a Mini-ITX Gaming PC Smartphone Specs Don't Matter Anymore: It's a Software Game Now Subscribe l l FOLLOW US TWITTER GOOGLE+ FACEBOOK GET UPDATES BY

Basically just updated Win7 files to the Win 10 files. http://chatlax.net/windows-8/windows-8-activated-but-tells-me-activate-windows-8.html Of course mail too...win 7 style start menu.. Prev Next Prev Next 1 of 12 Next Slideshow 20 ways to hate Windows 10 less Related Slideshows 20 ways to hate Windows 10 less Check out these 11 new Windows As a result, Microsoft introduced selective sync, which allows users to select which files are available in Windows 10. Advantages Of Windows 8 Over Windows 7

All it takes is a few minutes to compare Cortana with an Android phone (or the voice input in Google Chrome) and you’ll see what I mean.New with the Anniversary Update, Hello’s iris scan? Should I upgrade to Windows 10? Check This Out During Windows XP most people didn't have decent enough computers to run it so people said "Windows XP sucks!" NO BOZO!

I don't see how you would think these 14 "reasons" one shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10! Windows 7 Vs Windows 10 Performance Control Panel...I think that is nitpicking, but I could see it being confusing for non technical people 6. Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

While the advantages of Windows 10 are clear, if you’re running specialist software on your XP or Vista machine, then the chances are it’s pretty old and might not be compatible

Do not upgrade. Maybe a hardware issue and not Windows? Yes, Windows 10 is stellar and absolved Windows 8’s worst sins. Windows 8 Advantages And Disadvantages Pdf The main problem SETI faces is not whether they exist, the numbers say that they must, it is rather more a matter of instinctive self preservation.

I have no issues except I would love more features with tablet mode. 0 1 year ago Reply rocketcuse I upgraded on release day. Microsoft could help revive Windows a bit by reducing some of the uncertainty associated with moving to its new platform. Although, on hybrids, the basic desktop interface is arguably touch-friendly enough to not need the Tablet Mode much of the time.For that reason, hybrids benefit more than pure tablets from Windows this contact form ExtremeTech's Sebastian Anthony explains secure boot succinctly as follows: "Windows 8 stops a computer from loading an operating system that hasn’t been signed by the publisher (in this case, Microsoft or

PAE not working on Windows 10 and definitely 2.96 usable of my 4 GB RAM is too low for Windows 10 32bit. 0 10 months ago Reply Thomas Dahl1 Privacy concerns? On Sept. 28, 2015, he promised, “Windows 10 collects information so the product will work better for you. Very few people used Windows Media Center – you’ll only need to purchase the Windows Media Center Pack if you want to use Windows Media Center itself. Apple you will be restricted to *their* store which Windows 10 is almost at the way MS is going. 0 4 months ago Reply Win7 User Windows 7 is the best

was ready to be on th market. There were other minor issues, but what I ended up doing was reformatting and reinstalling Win 7. I will be uninstalling more of the built-in apps. Then again, I never did.

Additionally, because we're in the early days, you will see some missing features and inconsistency. And since its launch in 2009, it has received a major Service Pack upgrade and countless bug fixes. It also supports a host of new options and hot-keys, making it more powerful and easier to use.Not only does Windows 10 make life easier for desktop users with the return resource hog and slow.

The small handful of extensions are buggy and severely limited.