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Why They Created Windows 8 That Way.


CNET wrote an unintentionally hilarious article detailing four different ways to turn off Windows 8, each more baroque than the last (link). The trend toward bundling web services into the OS is potentially very disruptive to the web community, and they should be quite worried about it. --If you're a PC app However, its detailed build number reveals that the build was created on September 22, 2010.[18] The leaked copy was Enterprise edition. Lawyers love words like "vast majority" and "reasonable degree" because they sound good but don't quantify anything, so you can't be sued. have a peek here

My take on Windows 8.1U1 is a frantic rush to please business users and give them at least a compelling reason to move to 8.1 instead of staying on Windows 7 It's hard not to see this as a failure for Microsoft. They're in Windows 8 if you can find them, but whether they'll stay in Windows 9 or 10 is anyone's guess. MS was right they NEED a new platform which attracts consumers and devs.

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I will say however that the mouse keyboard functionality does feel rather clunky in comparison to how easy touch WOULD be. But, there's a bigger issue than just the APIs. What Microsoft should do. The developers of both Chrome and Firefox committed to developing Metro-style versions of their browsers; while Chrome's "Windows 8 mode" (discontinued on Chrome version 49) uses a full-screen version of the

Metro is one of the most anti-skeuomorphic interface designs I've seen, which makes it a worthy counterpoint to Apple. PCWorld. Unfortunately, although Windows 8 may have a light hardware footprint, it has compatibility problems with some existing hardware, including some Windows 7 computers. When Did Windows 10 Come Out If you use a Microsoft account and log into your second, third or even millionth device with those credentials,  you'll get the same wallpaper, account settings and even favorites you had

it was revolutionary but I seem to recall reinstalling because of blue screens at least every month. We wouldn't expect Windows 8 to vanish overnight, but it's a shock to see Windows 8 outperforming Windows 8.1 by such a wide margin. Carbonite automatically backs up all of your files, photos, and documents and stores them encrypted in the cloud. If system files become corrupted or your computer's software becomes unstable, you can use System Restore to restore your system and program files from a System Restore point.

This was ALL, however, thanks to Microsoft's 10% share in Apple. Windows 8 Features Drop "Windows" and replace it with the word, "Icons", because that is all windows is actually good for. Most of them haven't tried it, and don't know a lot about what it does. Not only do you need to learn how to steer with a joystick, but all of the controls formerly attached to the steering column are now scattered in various spots on

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government, never "provided any government the authority to directly visit" or placed any backdoors in its products and services, and that it had never concealed government requests for client data.[191][192][193] Upgraded and then they have been gradually mutating Mac OS X on the desktop with their mobile OS features.Since Microsoft is king of the desktop, and has done poorly in the mobile Windows 9 Release Date There are many possible explanations. Windows 8.1 Release Date When should you do Metro?

MS keeps riding the wave of assumptions that the name Windows brings with it. navigate here The Verge. I never got around to using it! It was crazy; the rumor train was picking up steam, and Microsoft did nothing to stop it. Windows 8 Download Free Full Version 64 Bit

Matt Menezes I'd say 98SE. On the one hand Metro "isn't the answer for everything", so e.g. Tuesday, May 29, 2012 10:16:00 AM Unknown said... http://chatlax.net/windows-8/windows-8-activated-but-tells-me-activate-windows-8.html SleepyBear You mean the "geniuses" who ripped off from Apple's Lisa and Mac?

The tests documented by Microsoft show a lot of Windows 7 devices interpreting gestures properly only 70% to 80% of the time (the ratio is even worse for some features). When Was Windows 10 Released I'm kind of sad that they changed the name, I am a great fan of the number 9 ; / gregge MS is missing out on this marketing gem: "I Love And that's a huge inducement.

Windows Desktop UI - Failed it: I don't believe there's any intrinsic reason blocking a successful UI that *scales* between keyboard/mouse/touch and between large/medium/small screens: that's the webpage model, and plenty

You come around http://winsupersite.com/article/windows8/start-windows-8-era-begins-144002 Login or register to post comments Paul Thurrott on Feb 9, 2014 These two pieces are not mutually exclusive. And a screen. But the fact is that it won't be that long at all before you simply will not have machines WITHOUT a touch screen or, probably, voice and gesture control. Windows 8 Release Date Web and installed Office applications on both machines with collaboration.

Why not? Despite Microsoft's protestations to the contrary, Metro is clearly optimized for use on a touchscreen device rather than a keyboard and mouse PC. For example, here's video of an Acer user with some of the same troubles, although not as severe as mine (he can activate the controls some of the time; link). http://chatlax.net/windows-8/windows-8-and-windows-8-1-apps-data-backup.html I've only got ~1500 Laptops and Desktops in the Divison. ;-) I have yet to receive a request for Windows 8 or 8.1 on a new machine or a re-install.

Login or register to post comments Rxdiaz on Feb 9, 2014 You're right, there is no point to this argument. If Windows 8 gets a toehold in any category, that could have a big effect on the phone market over time. Tom Abbott OMG…Add a NIC to the mix with Win 3.1 or 3.11 and try and get your base ram high enough to load windows. The rollout of Windows 8 has very important implications for not just Microsoft but everyone in the tech industry.

With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. TK commented on this blog a year ago that Apple is falling into skeuomorphism, a situation in which digital designs retain bits of their physical counterparts even though they're no longer Here's a sample of Bing Finance in Metro: Imagine 90% of the world's computer-using population seeing those tiles every day. And Sinofsky must be beside himself with rage at what they've done to destroy what he created.

The first is the general architecture of the interface. Retrieved September 16, 2011. ^ "Home—BUILD". The fact that the tech world is moving to the cloud ironically diminishes the need for the devices themselves to be mobile; it's your data that will be mobile.