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Why Is W10 So Inefficient On Some UI Interactions?


It requires for developers to have their own implementation, which is just another time and effort to make when it should've been a standard. This isn't a pipe dream where Windows phone rises from the ashes, Phoenix-like, and smashes its foes. But seriously, polish, consistency, more colors and beautiful fast animations are really needed. Even the update issued shortly after the initial Mavericks release didn't solve any of those problems, and neither did the 10.9.1 update that came out a few days before Christmas 2013.

That MDL2 is something new is somewhat betrayed by the fact that there is no MDL1. Haha! I don't like accented borders around windows, context menus. The charlatan decided to speak!

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If you asked me this a while ago when there really was only the rift or vive on the table, I would've been more skeptical. And there's absolutely no evidence that people are willing to make that transition. When I first saw the title, I though it was a replacement for xaml. It took a bit of editing .ini and .conf files to get some programs to display in an accessible manner that would have just worked out of the box on a

Automatic refresh doesn't work in File Explorer, D... Disconnected all unnecessary components. It’s like crack for designers. Microsoft Design Language 2 I know that JAWS is expensive, but I'll take quality over lower cost nonquality product.

It’s like crack for designers. Project Neon Microsoft Imagine Star Wars crawling UI menu items coming out of a real hamburger hologram. More UI options is always good. 4 4 months ago Reply Jonny702 Where can I get that darker version of the Win 10 wallpaper? 3 4 months ago Reply EspHack I'd Posts : 2,082 Windows 10.3 Home 1703 x64 (Home per choice) New 13 Aug 2016 #2 By opening Start you basically open all the apps in the Start, especially if

I'm a programmer so one of the biggies for me is the ability to now use Xcode and when necessary bring up VMware Fusion with VM20xx. Windows 10 Acrylic Put in a faster processor, more memory and an SSD. Try this, maybe it will help. Also, is the UI gonna look like those old motherboard utilities, with the ui elements escaping the window borders and all that? 5 4 months ago Reply Daniel Rubino Too early

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iCloud imap is slow (compared to my other imap accounts). And so three years from now, I hope that people will look and say, ‘Oh wow, that's right, this is a phone that can also be a PC.' "As emerging markets Windows Neon Ui However, there are some tasks where, at the moment, VO on OSX has the upper hand. Project Neon Windows 10 Let's hope MS come to their senses and make project Neon into the true successor of Metro that we should have got. 20 4 months ago Reply Malay Agarwal The design

Little of the original Metro guidelines can be found in MDL2. Hopefully Apple representitives come across this post and are proactive about the bugs mentioned. my last memories of playing with GNOME were that I was nowhere near as productive as I am on Windows. Reply Nolan says: 04/01/2014 at 17:37 I'm about to make a similar switch (Linux to Windows) on a trial basis to see how I like it. Windows 10 Neon Ui

I guess the challenge with MS is they are trying to be so many things to so many types of people, hence the confused identity. And in two hours you usually don't catch up with a big change. This what destroys Microsoft "Design Language" because of lack of cohesion and lack of attention-to-details. I can't afford a braille display so can't comment on that problem.

While I agree with you on most (if not close to all) of your points, a journey back to Windows is not something I'm interested in taking at the moment. Windows 10 Project Neon Release Date Apple turns more into a lifestyle product line (Apple Watch which is totally overpriced if you ask me). A bit of history When I started playing with a Mac in 2008, I immediately realised the potential this approach that Apple was taking had.

The same thing happens to Office 2016, hovering over the toolbars you see a enormous lag in the highlighting effect and high CPU usage.

the iPad? 26 million! I've tryed many systems. Good ones. 5 4 months ago Reply Giddora MDL2 has more to do with "Metro" than the parts Ios/Android copied. Interop Unlock Tools A subtle contrasting shade of white or black may be used as borders to seperate between foreground/background menu/window/app bar.

VoiceOver's model of interacting with things is quite different from what one might be used to on Windows at times. Reply Sp9QLO says: 02/25/2014 at 9:00 Hi Marko. By Jeffrey Schwartz01/09/2015 Microsoft has targeted this fall to release Windows 10. They also have a new VR rollercoaster opening up in Jan 2017 there too.

Also the issue is because they didn't make it well consistent and not as well thought as Metro and Aero was. Email Address I agree to this site's Privacy Policy. I would like to mention Vinux as an alternative but we still have a long way to go to get the kind of polish one would expect from OSX. As for my screen reader, I use JAWS.

If I want to read something in detail, be it on the web, a file name, or basically anything, I have to interact with the element, or elements, before I get If mac os had consistent and complete keyboard navigation commands builtin, as windows or gnome have, this voice over specific interaction modelso convoluted, would be not necessary. I've always associated Metro, as a word, with dank, grimy, and dark spaces, and the use of it for modern Microsoft and Windows has definitely made Microsoft products seem less attractive, I have pretty much stuck with email and web browsing thus far, both with Safari and Google Chrome.

In fact, if AR is still around by 2020 it'll be a miracle. Is technology so stagnant that a new design language is unnecessary? If a design language builds on Metro, then it can't simultaneously build on MDL2. I do not have that on OS X.

In my desktop, the CPU usage is around 5% when hovering and 16% when scrolling, which IMO is still high for a relatively simple thing but no lagging.The same thing happens Preferably switchable between left and right handed use. 5 4 months ago Reply Joscelin Trouwborst Happy to hear that some consistency is on its way for OS and apps. 4 4 However, I may have just had my first look at NEON concepts and there are no hamburgers yet. 5 4 months ago Reply Shaheed Malik Any chance of these concepts coming