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Why Has Windows 10 Become So Simple And Stupid?


I did that the first time it told me my license was bad because I upgraded too many times. for example: netflix app. You can now also directly launch an application from the Windows Store -- a no-brainer feature that iOS and Android have had for years, but was missing previously.The Taskbar and Start It may be becoming a free OS, but beware of any cause it may given to users. Source

Can you imagine how many screens and sub-screens PC Settings would need to handle the complexities of the Classic Control Panel? Read More and thus it won’t show up. They skipped 9 because half their customers skip a version anyways. And, I paid for the retail version of Windows 10 Professional in full.

Do People Like Windows 10

Those are the folks who buy the overwhelming majority of Windows licenses and MS actually listens to them to an extent. Mobile Nations should have someone who does this for you guys... 0 8 months ago Reply jbrotony Time for the Bing name to be phased out completely. Charles Redmond You mean Windows 2000/ME came after 98. There's no 'Yes, but...'   0 8 months ago Reply Keith Wallace But I think that's kind of the point we're trying to make--we want Cortana optional.

A hopeful future enhancement -- if I touch the Start Button, the Start Screen appears, and if I click it, the start menu appears. A big number of Windows 10 apps are still NOT on par with their classical counterparts from Windows 7/Vista/XP (many features are missing or many options are not configurable). Once Windows Update stopped disabling the WIFI, that is. Windows Constant Disk Activity And furthermore, I tried to select the options that seemed to be the only one that would push her away.

location, reminders, email, flight tracking, etc. View this image › Nicole / BuzzFeed When the new operating system launched, users were up in arms over major privacy concerns. Poof! 0 2 months ago Reply 72crashoveride just go to C:\Windows\SystemApps and rename the one that has Cortona in the title. They were arguably revolutionary, but it wasn't until Windows 3.3 that computers actually had enough power to warrant using a graphic UI rather than just command-line prompt.

AnonDude123 By "revolutionary", you mean, copied from XEROX's never-released operating system. Class Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft When you try to install that Win7 on a new machine, you are good to go, but the Win10 upgrade will fail because you only get one "free" upgrade even on Also Windows 10 updates may have unintended consequences and unannounced changes in behaviour (it's already been confirmed). I have nothing to hide - let them track me!

Windows 10 Terrible

Then limit diagnostic reports sent to Microsoft. I mean, people are geo tagged and followed everywhere they go. Do People Like Windows 10 Windows Key + Left or Right: Snap window to left or right side of the screen. How Do I Get Rid Of Windows 10 Also you might want to read about the implications of real life surveillance.

Enthusiast Basic Pro Enterprise Education K-12 Education College Big DIck Bigger DIck Biggest DIck and of course, all of the relative upgrades and downgrades. this contact form Windows 7 are probably the best windows among with XP. Better done at the start. It would jump to 99% and stay there untill done. Windows 10 Lawsuit

Ramon S #8 - Why transition from Control Panel to PC Settings? European privacy laws are a lot more though than American ones and this sort of data collection may eventually lead to some action on the Commission's behalf. Gungistoker I prefer the Beatles ‘Revolution 9'. "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…" onion3000 And Lennon's "#9 Dream" http://rednetworkblog.net Térence Vigan There is an urban legend saying that every even version have a peek here Existing Windows 10 users will start receiving the update automatically from Windows Update tomorrow morning.

Maybe the new Windows in 2025 will be worth upgrading to :) Nathaniel Dingess Windows 7 uses too much of your RAM, loads more slowly than Windows 8/8.1/10, and generally performs What Command Can You Run To View Directx Information? While, technically, the free upgrade offer for the general public has ended, Microsoft has introduced a loophole with this extension that lets anyone get Windows 10 for free. MS was offered a licence by Apple (no small favor) to use it- for 1.0, but then took legal action to try to say it was for all time, for everything.

Do you think Gates sit on a mountain of money 'cause he's just a swell guy, a squishy grampa?

Let me say that I've always been a big fan of Windows because Microsoft does care about compatibility vs. makes it too easy for someone to "accidentally" turn something on or link an account with something.  It can also give you the impression that a Microsoft Account is required for or 2. Windows Rot chefkey I am using 10 on 3 different PCs, a six core AMD 1090 3.20 Ghz, a quad core AMD 9500 2.20 GHz and a Dual Core Touch Screen ASUS Laptop.

Nathan Butcher I always thought that the task bar was the place to organize the live tiles, not the Start menu. Nicole Nguyen BuzzFeed Staff View this image › Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Windows 10 is the latest and greatest operating system for PCs. View this image › Nicole / BuzzFeed Then turn Automatically pick an accent color from my background to OFF. Check This Out Chromebox vs.

I saw blue screens all the time with Vista and 7 constantly freezes on me. Never liked it. We have summarized every native backup, restore, recovery, and repair option we could find on Windows 10. current touchscreen lacks haptic feedback.