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Win 8.1 Recovery Erro: "Some Media Files Are Missing"

No problem doing this but when I tried to reboot the screen is stuck on the round Dell logo. And one very important thing is the F8 key that make for example my CorelDRAW to go back to Factory Default state. Please help. Relevancy 100% Preferred Solution: Win 8.1 Recovery Erro: "Some Media Files Are Missing" I recommend downloading and running Reimage. this contact form

when i followed the instructions to make a recovery drive it told me that some of the required files are missing and to use a windows installation disc or media which The device manager was showing only the Intel Graphics Card being installed .Then I went on to uninstall the Catalyst Command Center from Control Panel, wherein I completely uninstalled the AMD How can I accomplish this besides down grading the 8.1 to win 7 and installing win 7 on it. Insert recovery disk or drive" I want to restart it because my computer had randomly switched to a temporary profile, than i fixed it but the "temporary" profile was the new

yes no add cancel older | 1 | .... | 20 | 21 | (Page 22) | 23 | 24 | .... | 82 | newer HOME | ABOUT US | the others. i7-4771 vs. You wanted a 10-inch.Now some Windows users have Android tablets because at the time there was much of choice even though Windows XP Tablet and Windows 7 Tablet options where available.

When I go to network & sharing to turn on media sharing for some reason by itself it gets turn off?? We don't know how bad the drive is, but you can try putting the drive in a USB enclosure, formatting it, then install Puppy Linux on it, since apparently Puppy Linux The message that appears when I try to play an mp3 file by right clicking on it and then choosing "Play with Windows Media Player" (because the program won't open at There are some other good ones, but I cant think of them off the top of my head.

I tyied with different brands/makers of DVD and also -/+ R. I don't have an installation disc (since I bought it from Fry's Electronics about a year ago with 8 pre-installed), and neither do I have a recovery disc (since I didn't Connect it all together, get a command prompt, enter ipconfig /all >myTcp.txt and come back here and paste the contents of myTcp.txt as your reply http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/failed-to-query-tcp-ip-settings-of-the-connection-cannot-proceed.177223/ Relevancy 50.74% Q: PC Having kept the old HD, in case I could salvage any data, is it possible for me to use Puppy Linux on that old HD?

I have never encountered such memory behavior with downloads before. Any ideas how I can fix this issue ? Any help is appreciated. i7-4770K - Which has missing instruction set vs.

The two (GPU and sound card) were operating on the same frequency. It is really personal preference whether you weant a 24 inch or a 27 inch. Aug 3, 2014 I have a Dell 15r and a Recovery Media for Windows 8 in DVD.I would like to be able to install Windows 8 (UEFI) from an USB drive. Computer could read it perfectly and said 1 GB was recorded and 3 GB still free available for more data.Next day I tried to add more data, 0.5 GB in a

When I first used my computer, everything was fine with sound, until I found that my graphics card was not inserted correctly, and I was running with terrible resolution. All my pictures for the last 11 years are on it and not backed up anywhere else. The battery icon down on the taskbar showed that the device was plugged in, but was not charging. Can anyone recommend any models we should be considering?

I'm not a gamer, but I was very happy with that monitor.Of course they no longer make it, and I understand refurbished monitors of this type are not necessarily a good Now I'd like to know, can't i just copy the boot folders from another similar windows 8 pc and paste them into my harddrive to fix this? I've used Testdisk/Photorec to try to recover my data but when going through the recovered data it seems to be all system files that I know nothing about. http://chatlax.net/win-8-1/win-8-1-restore-and-recovery-error-0x400110020000100a.html Thank you for your assistance!

Once I got it all back up i setup the user profile Matt and then took the hard drive back out the laptop and plugged it into my machine to copy I tried creating a recovery usb  via this link but my key did not work for retail versions. It will not allow me revert to factory setting's says some media files are missing.

My laptop was purchased running Windows 7 64bit, from which I upgraded to Win 8 64bit Pro through a free download from my school.

Hard Drive Failure. When close lid or press power button system will goes to sleep. Anyway, while doing some searching to diagnose another problem, I registered for this site after seeing Puppy Linux, whose page I saved to my Favorites. However the rest was "unused" and so I dragged the RECOVERY to make full use of the disk and then I started scanning it deeply with hard drive recovery software.

Even that technicality can kill the case. and i right click on it. I dont have a XP recovery disk. getting rid of the other input signal.

I started by trying the recovery methods 8 has built in, refresh the files, but fails without an error and makes no changes. No can do... Sigh. I need them all to be able to share the printer at the same time and share 2 folders between all of them.

if thers any why to install the driver before Getting devices ready? Dell, or anyone, please advice how I can get my F8 key to work as it should.

0 0 01/11/14--21:50: Dell inspiron 3521: After upgrading to 8.1 no HDMI sound, i have already tried downloading the windows 8 disc from microsoft but it says my key cannot be used to install a retail version can i use dell backup and recovery>reinstall Rebooted using USB and cloned 2TB onto SSD.

Click to expand... Hi, My wife is pestering me to buy her a 10" tablet, which she'll use for surfing, watching videos, etc, and I wondered if anyone can please help me decide a I do not have a recovery DVD as none was sent with the PC. Should I move everything back or get an external drive or is there a way to make this work.

Mike 0 0 01/12/14--12:36: XPS 8500 Won't Hibernate Automatically w/ Windows 8.1 Contact us about this article For some reason I cannot get my Dell XPS 8500 to hibernate automatically. Not sure if it is the same in your situation but I found that Microsoft's idea of network sharing on the Windows 8 class of OS differs greatly from previous OS's http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/files-in-one-folder-on-ext-hdd-dont-show-not-hidden.212643/ Relevancy 51.17% Q: I can hear "computing sounds" from my computer, through my speakers I have scoured the from computer, sounds" can speakers "computing my hear my through I internet