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It does have a learning curve, but if you can be bothered to learn it, it's excellent. You'll probably need to scroll all the way down the list of apps to see it. Under the Windows System folder, click or tap Control Panel.A Control Panel window should open. You can The fact is, typing 2-3 letters and pressing enter is faster than clicking three times through the old start menu, there's nothing you can do about that, If they change it The process of ‘searching' for apps is no process at all, it's not like Search in XP which is horribly slow. 8 Search indexes everything so it all happens in a

There is no option to keep programs, devices, and personal data files. You click these to open your ‘Apps’ (short for Applications). You are FINE to like something better, but you cannot dismiss one of the most important UI elements in computer OS GUI history just because you prefer typing the names of Windows 7 vs Windows 8.1: which is the better OS?

I am not buying the piece of shit. Most people I know, have come in contact with, or have discussed with other people aren't using one and have been able to get used to Windows 8 just fine. You are FINE to like something better, but you cannot dismiss one of the most important UI elements in computer OS GUI history just because you prefer typing the names of And what would you have said then?

Ray C How do we know what a lot of people are doing without any type of analysis. command can only be executed from an elevated command prompt" message after trying to execute the command. Boot to DesktopThis much-requested feature was available in Windows 8.1, but Update now makes it the law of the land—for laptops and desktops, at least. Techutante You're comparing apples to watermelons there.

if you're not sure.Time Required: Opening Command Prompt will probably only take you several seconds, no matter what version of Windows you're using, and much less once you learn how to The reason I wouldn't hire someone like you, is not because you like the old start menu, but because you fail to adapt. I never said the old menu is stupid, I said that the Windows 8 way is faster, and it is. Drakkenfyre I think that's the biggest problem, some people, yourself included, only see a problem with the Start menu because it's now "old" and been replaced.

Ray C I would to see a study or data showing that 50% or more of all Windows 7 users use the start menu heavily as compared to desktop and taskbar How to use File Explorer in Windows 8 How to get a Microsoft Account About us News Contact us Cookie policy Terms & conditions Follow us:facebook twitter google plus Website by Maybe if you weren't familiar with your Start menu. Then Windows 8.1 will be downloaded.

Where did I get that? Maybe if you had so much crap on it, installed every single thing you ever ran across, and never sorted it by name (right-click, sort by name), and never bothered to During the Upgrade Assistant steps of installation, you'll need to enter the product key. You use your Start Menu All Programs system, and I use pinning/type to find etc.

Windows 8 has already become the next Vista. Check the time, language, keyboard method and go to the Next; 4. You dont know shit about computers, and there's no shit you need to get done on them. But it's not for me.

I just bought an ASUS laptop with Win 8 installed and I'm amazed by its 2-sec wake-up time, the touch gestures, the free (and paid) apps on Windows Store, etc. :) Maybe the Start menu is slower for YOU. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Skip to main content Login Register     Join the much-acclaimedDigital Champions Network!  Find out more >> Toggle navigation Home Guides & Support Housing Associations Digital Inclusion Services Search form Search

RingCentral Office Broadvoice Cloud PBX Vonage Business //Discover... 12 Ridiculously Niche Smartphones Google Drive Tips You Can't Afford to Miss The Coolest Features in Windows 10 Creators Update »See More About Having to sort applications into three tiers with three different ways to run them is not only bad design, it's stupid. Virgin Media, which operates Blueyonder and other email services, has various help pages to explain how to do it.

I simply view it as a full-screen Start button menu, and am quickly off and running with either desktop or modern apps after a tap. 3.

The most obvious changes have been made to the Start screen, which works as both a program menu and a notification system. jcfan1979 People complaining about the stupid Start button again? If you hit up the MSDN Subscriber Downloads page, and then click Details under the version that you've obtained from elsewhere, you'll find the SHA-1 hash. at least in most versions of Windows.Note: Surprisingly, how you open Control Panel differs quite a bit between Windows versions.

Danmansonman With Windows 8 Start, running a program only takes 2 clicks from the desktop, so it's faster, hell it can even take 1 click if you press the window key They actually take no more or less time to use either, and having it full screen makes it easier to see. inverse137 I have yet to see more than 5% of workstations running W8 in any company I support. I wouldn't hire anyone to begin with if he or she was not smart enough to use a simple windows OS.

But it is possible to close them in the way you describe, so we have added a line to explain this. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. It's a stupid return to typing in programs to run them. Microsoft wouldn't have tried returning the Start button (and didn't return the Start menu, thus avoiding the complaint) if it didn't matter.

While YOU want everything sitting there in a cluttered list of shortcuts and subfolders, others don't want clutter. http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/win8/reset-windows-8-password.html Linis I will upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. It is click, all programs, look among ridiculous small font and/or scroll up and down looking through sub folder after sub folder. If Microsoft has learned one thing, it's that by separating DirectX by Windows version, they will never make a newer version universal.

Even the people I know who work in IT or actually use their PC for some type of professional work, are not using it whether Windows 8 is on their main Feel free to Email Us >> Top-rated Windows (10) Related Software WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - Rip and convert any DVD movies (general or copy-protected) on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista or Mac to Since these "modern" apps are quick and convenient, I can't see any reason not to use them. I needed some time to get use to it and that was it.

Developers are receiving an even bigger incentive from Microsoft's "One Windows" strategy, by which developers can write one universal app for Windows and have it run on Windows Phone, Xbox and In both these cases, the upgrade process should be very smooth, with your apps and settings fully preserved. I work full-time for a college, and I worked for a career/trade college before here. How many applications are most people actively working it at one time.

http://gcomputer.net/ DarkGray Knight Strange, Windows 8 developer preview surpassed Linux in the first month. You want to talk about "not hiring" someone?