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Why Is Everyone So Excited About Win 8 Release Version?

At he same time it can help Microsoft to promote Win Phone 8 and to compete iOS/OSX ;) DecRainbow100a Says: November 25th, 2012 at 4:37 pm Prediction: Touch screen interface on for Desktop pc users .this is a disaster. It made windows look more modern. They blow Android and iOS out of the water in terms of ease of use, functionality, and speed.The world's sharpest interface is nothing without apps, however -- and Windows 8 still have a peek here

When I had to click to switch from desktop to the Tiles, swoop over to find the charms, then slide down to find the Settings "charm", click on Settings, then Power, This means it's a preview of the final version, although my understanding is that there are still some changes to happen before final. After picking your media from one app, you'll then be able to choose which app you want to share with, and work with it from there. Unless they back off automatic updates, I have no interest in Windows 10.” Concerns that Windows 10 will kill data caps may pass in the coming months, as people get more

Regardless of what happens in the consumer and enterprise markets I can still use ASP.NET and other technologies such as jQuery to build applications. And if you don't want to spend your day in the new Start Screen, you don't have to. Software I work in then totally disappears and I see the tiles. Hey, an "All Apps" task bar has appeared.

While I do think it’ll take users a little time to get used to that type of interface (since the traditional Windows approach is so engrained in many people’s minds), I swiping, is insane. Forget that you can download a free upgrade for the next year. It also has a really cool feature for desktop users that lets your run the Metro UI on one monitor while running the traditional desktop on the other (not to mention

Not only that, but they have also confirmed that the software we'll be seeing will in fact feature Flash bundled into the Metro-based version of Internet Explorer 10. I have added a start button to Windows 8 and it works more like earlier windows versions (only slower). Cooling Arctic Cooler with 3 heatpipes Hard Drives 1 TB Seagate Barracuda (starting to hate Seagate) x2 3 TB Toshibas Windows 8.1 is installed on a SanDisk Ultra Plus 256 GB I always thought the Rollerball fuzzy computer was nuts, but Micro junk is doing it.

Sure, there are other ways to do it by mouse, but they are clunky. Register Windows 7 Forum Forum Windows 8 Forums General Support Why is everyone so excited about Win 8 Release version? She's right and the fact people here are arguing is only proof of it. Does hovering slow the user down?

Read on to discover why everyday users like you and me are deciding to skip the Windows 10 upgrade party, straight from their own mouths. And Microsoft with MetroUI=ModernUI is way beyond that limit. I cannot get to my email any faster or write a response to an article with overblown statements any better. Sure it seems faster, snappier, but the difference with the Consumer version is small.

Well, they did make it look... Contact Roan Solutions to schedule a free Network Security Assessment today. During the talk given by Kieran Mockford and Chris Sells (I had the chance to have dinner with Chris at BUILD - great guy) they showed that feature in action (an And as a scientist in the field she knows what the hell she's talking about regarding ergonomics and usability -- any other Ph.D.s on this blog?

The potential for such a feature is high and possibilities, many. and Metro version better in Browsers & Mail alright, the new Yahoo Mail is out... As a desktop PC user I will stick to windows 7. Anurag Birthare Says: September 28th, 2012 at 10:19 am Hi Everyone, I just installed the Microsoft’s Windows 8 Developer Preview.

The full version of the browser is available on the Windows 8 desktop of course. cos for some workflow/devices/people old style is better, sometimes new style is better. chojin999  You Microsoft employees really must be desperated trying to sell such a lame fraud.

Big deal.

Although I haven’t shown her yet, I’m confident my Mom will like the new interface and find it easy to use. Microsoft could have spared itself this backlash if it had only offered users the choice of themes. My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ... Is it capable of sustaining your company’s growing business operations?

If my Mom can’t pick up a new consumer technology quickly then it should be thought out better. rocky_racoon Says: September 9th, 2013 at 2:54 pm I managed to whip win8 into to shape with a number of utilities such as 'Classic Start' But after a few weeks I For example, there are concerns about the recently discovered forced updates for home users, and fears of a potential subscription model for Windows. As far as Windows 8 goes, it isn't even fully released yet.

Windows 8 is, yes, a bit faster and snappier in its video coding. This means OS interface must be quick, compact and not obsessive. And even if you discovered where to click, being able to correctly remember which menu goes with location on the screen will require a fair amount of practice and continuous usage.