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Why Did My ACER Laptop Have TOSHIBA Background On .


All the best Brett Score 0 Can't find your answer ? It was working at a certain angle before I took it to the tech but now it does not work at all. I would try reseating cable connectors on both ends. Does someone know what the flashing could mean… pls notify me kactusrvm (at)hotmail (dot) com Jane May 13, 2009 | Is the inverter the same for a 15 or 17 inch http://chatlax.net/black-screen/why-is-my-acer-aspire-5732z-screen-blank.html

cj2600 January 11, 2008 | I have a toshiba satellie L25 S121. The entire screen/or horizontal portions will distort/if by static, screen resolution/color rendering will suffer concurrently. But you also have the Satellite C55DT, which looks premium despite its plastic shell but suffers from a sharp, upward-pointing edge that presses uncomfortably into your wrists. Also works fine on external monitor.

Toshiba Satellite Black Screen On Startup

You should contact the seller. When I turn it on it boots fine, but when it enter windows the screen is too much brightnes and poor contrast. But strangely if I didn't turn the laptop on for sometime, the display started to come back again.

The laptop screen has a faulty backlight lamp. It happened a few days ago when I started the computer normally and nothing was downloaded prior to that. 1 Featured Reply jbennet 1,618 7 Years Ago did you do what I did call the shop after I found out there was an inverter and bulb that could also be wrong, but they didn't remember if they checked the inverter, just said Toshiba Satellite Black Screen With Cursor A few days ago I was troubleshooting a Dell Inspiron 600m with a similar problem.

cj2600 December 10, 2011 | @ Mohammad, one forth of my laptop screen(left side of it) has this problem(some colors are different than what it should be, some not). Toshiba Laptop Screen Not Working Now it works for about 30 min, then upon next reboot screen it stays white. Loose connection between cable and screen. 2. I have a unreadable screen that goes between red and green garbled lines and black screen with garbled white symbols.

If there is no image at all, can you hear normal Windows loging sounds when turn on the laptop? Toshiba Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly I've never heard about this test. My screen initially went black about two months ago. Meanwhile, my C55t-A was doing terrible.

Toshiba Laptop Screen Not Working

I would try installing a new inverter with the same part number. when i switched it on the screen just went white with a few vertical white lines across the screen after i leave it on for a few mins, the screen seems Toshiba Satellite Black Screen On Startup Please help. Toshiba Laptop Black Screen With Cursor The only reliable way I know is swapping parts.

Permanent solution? I've tried other laptops and there is always something I don't like about them. Ab De Kawser Says: June 12th, 2015 at 7:17 am silent mind Serena Says: May 25th, 2015 at 5:12 pm I've owned my Toshiba Satellite A200 for 8 years, and am Next the video/display cable which still didn't help. Toshiba Satellite Black Screen After Login

Maybe you have a damaged pin inside the connector. I don't think that you can replace your 12″ LCD with a 15″ LCD screen. cj2600 January 11, 2008 | Bahula Smith, What do you mean by upper half, the whole display assembly with LCD, cable and inverter or just the LCD screen? have a peek here The LCD is white with little black spots.

Also I am not hearing any noise from inside. Toshiba Laptop Black Screen Of Death Try reseating the LCD cable connector and see if it fixes the problem. cj2600 August 8, 2009 | vijay, if i press and hold the screen on particular part (before it was the center of the screen, now it is the left upper corner

You didn't mention anything about the video cable.

Try replacing the cable. I thought that my HD is defective and got brand new fast HD and performed clean install of Windows 10 Pro. Reply Belva says: January 23, 2017 at 7:22 am Hi Bruno, That's exactly what I'm expeariencing right now. Toshiba Laptop Stuck On Toshiba Screen Is it more likely that the faulty connection is on the motherboard or in the video cable?

Thank you ! m 0 l Can't find your answer ? I'm sure the cpu is better, but are they so much better that I should get rid of my laptop I have now? Please advice.

I would definitely try reconnecting the cable first. 2. What do you think is wrong with my laptop? As far as a way to put a band-aid on the problem, you can get something like a thin piece of metal, and bend it into a vice, and slide it Could you help me?

cj2600 August 26, 2008 | Colin, Usually it's bad connection between the video cable and LCD screen. If moving the cable affects image on the screen and it gets better or worse, most likely this is video cable related failure. Start a new discussion instead. Just in case, I would try reconnecting the video cable on both ends, just to make sure it's not connection related problem.

Please help me!! After all this the screen was still the same. Turn off and turn on again it works as normal. julie September 17, 2008 | I have a Satellite Pro A10 with dim screen, I have tested the backlight and that works fine, I bought another inverter but nothing changed although

vijay July 31, 2009 | I am having Dell Inspiron 630m laptop which has display problem for more than 5 months which was dim display before. Any help would be appreciated. I am from Bangladesh and I purchased a used Sony VAIO from a lady from England. Sometimes I turn it on and it is white, some other times it is normal, and some others, I lose the video while working!

When using another screen to test the laptop, does it need to be the same size as the original one?